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ngCFHT Workshop

27-29 March 2013, Hilo, Hawaii


Registration is now closed

Oral / Poster presentations

The information in your registration form should indicate whether you wish to make an oral or poster presentation or simply wish to attend without making a presentation. For poster presentations a number of 4’x8’ poster display stands will be available on-site. Each poster board will accommodate 4 posters total (2 on each side) so posters must not require more than 4’x4’. Pins and/or tape to attach posters to display stands will be provided.

For those that will be doing an oral presentation, a dual boot (Windows 7/MacOS X) computer will be provided to make the transition between presentations as smooth as possible. We encourage the use of this computer, recommend that you provide us with your file(s) well in advance of your scheduled presentation, and test your presentation on the computer as well. If you want to use your own laptop please let us know as well so we can assist with the transition between presentations.

The computer provided will have the following presentation software available:

On Windows 7
1. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
2. LibreOffice Impress (Latest Version)

On MacOS X
1. iWorks Keynote '09
2. LibreOffice Impress (Lastest Version)

Invitation Letter

If you require an invitation letter to process a US entry visa, please contact the Local Organizing Committee at    .